3 Tips on How to Get Back into the Creative Mindset

Staying on track isn’t easy. Doughnuts are always a delicious distraction and buying new things is a thrill your bank account scolds you for. We understand it’s difficult to get back into the swing of things and when you do, it often doesn’t last. That’s why we’ve come up with 3 tips that’ll help you back into your creative mindset.

Bounce ideas 

Bouncing ideas off one another is vital for the creative process. It’s so easy to get stuck in a slump, but once you start spitballing ideas, that might trigger a thought that could potentially be your next campaign. At RBA, we have creative meetings to do just that. We come in with a couple of ideas then start sharing them with the group. We then collaborate on what ideas could work, and it’s a domino effect from there.

Block off time


We all have different ways that we get into our own creative mindsets. We all also have very busy schedules. It’s important to make time for yourself to brainstorm and get away from your day to day in order to truly get creative. Get with your project manager or block off time in your calendar to schedule uninterrupted creative time. Nothing’s worse than coming up with an idea then getting pulled into a meeting because you didn’t block time off! We’ve all been there.

Don’t beat yourself up


Loosen up! Being creative is tiring and draining to your brain. If you’re beginning to feel slower than usual or not as sharp as you once were, don’t be hard on yourself. Take a mental break. The progress you’ve made should be rewarded by letting your mind refresh. Even your body needs 3 meals a day. Your mind deserves time to replenish too! This could be anything from taking a walk to rollerblading to a meditation session.


Remember nothing was created without time; time allotted for pondering, critical thinking, and mental breaks. Creativity is a city waiting to be built! Each building is an idea created through many lunch breaks and scrapped blueprints. DO NOT beat yourself up over lost influences and motivation.When building muscles after a good workout session, you warm down then spend the rest of the day NOT WORKING OUT. See your brain as a muscle. Give it the relaxation and warm down it deserves! Creativity isn’t choked by time. It needs it. Utilize it to your advantage!

Fortunately, creativity is a never ending cycle. It doesn’t end here. Get out there and try new things! Use these tips as your guide to unleash your creative side and don’t turn back! And, if you feel the need, grab a doughnut on the way there.