5 Tips for Success as a Work-At-Home Mom

Before kids, I never expected to be a work-at-home mom (WAHM). I mean, honestly, after all those years of studying and all that money invested for a degree, I never thought I’d be trading in my slacks for leggings (you can buy leggings that look like business slacks…it’s a thing). Luckily, moms no longer have the stigma that we have to quit our jobs to take care of our children, or vise versa. There are so many opportunities and outlets to be able to work from home while still mommin’ hard, so I’m sharing my top tips to success as a work-at-home mom!


1. Set a Plan

If you’ve already found a career that has allowed you to stay at home, you’re already ahead of the game. However, if you’re still looking, first jot down the pros and cons of what you would like to be doing and then start searching. In a generation of being able to do just about anything online, WAHMs have the option to look into different career paths. Remote jobs can range from blogging, personal assistant, customer service rep, and the list goes on. Find what fits your life plan and go for it!


2. Get Motivated

To be successful in ANY career, you must be self-motivated. Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you’re off the hook— it is still work. Being a WAHM is even more reason to wake up with the right attitude of making sure you are getting the job done. You won’t have someone telling you what to do like you would in an office setting, so self-motivation is vital. Stay on it!


3. Have a Schedule

If you’re a parent, you know that schedules are key to keeping sanity in a household. For example, in our household, “nap time” is keyword for “catch-up time.” That means complete silence and uninterrupted time dedicated to getting as much work in as possible. Making sure to schedule time for work AND quality time with your child is key.


4. Create Personal Space

Working from home can get hectic with paperwork and toys everywhere, so it’s important to have a space dedicated only to your work. When I lived in a small apartment, I had a corner of the dining room table set aside for my work space. Now that we have a house, I have my own office. This helps me stay organized and in control. 


5. Take Screen Breaks

When I worked in an office, I’d have to periodically step away from my monitor to let my eyes take a break. This is extra important for WAHMs. Even though you’re working from home, you still need to break off from your computer screen to clear your thoughts and let your eyes rest for a second. You can even use this time for a quick snack time session with your little one. Though this might seem small, you will thank yourself later. 


Whether you’re already working from home or just pondering the idea, know that being a WAHM can be a crazy juggling act, but with the right mindset, the multitasking is absolutely worth it!


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