Full Team Ahead

Working from home can be difficult. Honestly, this whole situation is difficult. Here at RBA, a lot of our work is based on collaboration and teamwork. In these times, and with every member of our team working in different locations, we have had to adapt to the many obstacles that were thrown our way, just like all of you.


To help us through this transition, we look to our core value – Full Team Ahead.


Being a team player means putting your team over your ego. Mevla, our social media intern, stepped up to take on difficult responsibilities because of the digital team’s workload. Some of these responsibilities can be tedious but she got sh*t done!


Being a team player means pulling your weight. Our account coordinator, Ashleigh, constantly adds more tasks to her already busy workload in order to help her teammates. Ashleigh’s dedication has helped us keep our heads above water!


Being a team player means we never say “that’s not my job”. Our Producer, Zach, hasn’t been filming much while staying home. He constantly asks the digital team if they need help with a quick edit or asset location.


The best companies have the best people. We believe in bringing together people from different backgrounds, different skill sets, and different experiences to form one mentality—to create the best work for our clients. Our people relentlessly pursue knowledge and deep understanding of our craft, as well as our clients’ businesses. Because that’s how we keep growing and producing results that change consumer perceptions and create advocates for our clients’ brands. Even if that does mean we have to put our heads together from different parts of the state to get sh*t done.