June Daily Creatives

Our RBA team starts off every morning with a group discussion that we call, “Daily Creative”. Every employee, from CEO to Intern, takes turns each morning choosing a piece of creative for the whole team to discuss. The creatives range from commercials, to campaigns, to the latest AI technology. Our team then takes 15 minutes to discuss the creative and evaluate what our agency can take away from it.

These Daily Creative sessions have proved a great way to begin our productive days by taking a minute in the morning to let ourselves expand our minds and be creative. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite Daily Creative submissions from this month!

Betty White Snickers 2010 Super Bowl Commercial

A throwback, but deeply loved classic. Snickers’ You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign is a long-running series of ads that are highly recognizable by consumers. One of the most memorable editions is the 2010 Super Bowl Commercial featuring Betty White. Snickers’ incorporation of lovable celebrities and influencers in this campaign draws views and adds relevance. Also, this campaign is rooted in human truth and broad relevance. Everyone relates to being hangry.

Credit: AdWeek
I Will What I Want Under Armour Campaign featuring Misty Copeland 

Under Armour has been known for breaking into less “traditional” sports and positioning their brand for “every athlete” no matter your sport, body type, or physical ability. In 2014, Under Armour introduced Misty Copeland, principal dancer with American Ballet Theatre, as the new spokesperson for their I Will What I Want campaign. Copeland has been outspoken about her struggles in her professional career dealing with rejection because she does not have the stereotypical dancer body type. By showcasing how she overcame those rejections, Under Armour weaves in the idea that there is no ideal body type – which is a subtle way of saying that their clothes are great for anyone. Under Armour does a great job in this campaign by seamlessly weaving in everything that their brand stands for: breaking stereotypes, female empowerment, and showcasing every type of athleticism. 

Stranger Things Product Placement 

If you have been watching Stranger Things, you have probably recognized brands and products in the show including Coca-Cola, Eggos Waffles, Reebok, Burger King, 7-Eleven, Nike, and many more. However, unlike many TV shows and movies, the creative team for Stranger Things decided which brands to feature and how, not the brands themselves, or Netflix. The creators, The Duffer Brothers, make every brand decision and there are no paid integrations. All of the products and packaging are featured in their time period appropriate way, leading to instilling a feeling of nostalgia in viewers. With Stranger Things, the viewer doesn’t feel like they are being advertised to, the products just feel like an authentic part of the plot. Additionally, the usage of these brands helps set the story in the 80s. 80s America wasn’t 80s America without Coke and the Walkman, and using those iconic brands is the ultimate nostalgia callback.

Credit: Netflix
Audience Insights and Testing: How Sofacompany Designed Their First Brand Campaign

Many brands think they know their customer until they actually do the research. When Sofacompany designed their first brand campaign, they wanted to create long-lasting brand awareness and do it right. Through testing and research, they got to know their audience better and many of the assumptions that they had about their consumers turned out to be wrong. Based on these data-driven results, they made their ads work better over time through creative optimizations. They learned what images got their audience’s attention, how long the ads should be, and which of their different video segments worked for different audiences. Their thoughtful research and creative optimization proved successful when they saw a 25% increase in brand awareness across Europe.

Timbiebs: Tims x Justin Bieber

We’ve all seen when brands partner up with celebrities to market their products. KFC and Jack Harlow, McDonald’s and Travis Scott, and now Tim Hortons with Justin Bieber. Too often, these partnerships fail to be unique and genuine to the products and brand personality of the company. However, our team thought the Justin Bieber x Tim Hortons campaign was different because of the authentic and funny nature of the campaign. Unlike many other celebrity partnerships, consumers and Beliebers have long been aware that Justin is a huge fan of Tim Hortons and many paparazzi pictures feature him enjoying their coffee and donuts. Thanks to this, this partnership seemed authentic because as an audience we already know that Justin Bieber is a loyal customer of theirs. 

Credit: YouTube
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