Name Coincidences at RBA

We have quite the name coincidence at RBA this summer!

Meet Analisa and Ana Luisa! Both graphic design interns at RBA this summer and they have so much in common, you would think they are twins!

Analisa and Ana Luisa are from Panama City and attended the same high school, Academia Interamericana de Panama. They also share the same birthday on January 18th. Now, they both are Dallas residents and chose to work at RBA this summer as graphic design interns!

Just when we thought this couldn’t become any more coincidental, we also recently added Annalise, our new Digital Marketing Assistant, to the team! Annalise plays an active role on the agency’s media team and contributes to many of our client’s digital and social media efforts.

Get to Know Ana Luisa, Analisa, and Annalise!

Ana Luisa attended Southern Methodist University for both undergraduate and graduate school to study advertising. Analisa completed her undergraduate in advertising and graphic design at Texas Christian University. These two ended their school rivalry by becoming graphic design interns with RBA this summer!

Ana Luisa chose to work at RBA because she wanted to gain experience working in a small advertising agency, where she could become more well-rounded within the advertising world. She plans to move back to Panama City in the next few years and is looking forward to using all her newly gained knowledge and skills from her time at RBA. 

Analisa has lived in Fort Worth for the past four years and wanted to start her career in a big city like Dallas. She quickly fell in love with RBA’s culture and small creative community. She loves how the team is willing to go the extra mile to give her hands-on experience with client projects. 

Annalise grew up in League City, Texas, just ten minutes down the road from the NASA Johnson Space Center. She recently graduated from Southern Methodist University in May with degrees in both Public Relations and Dance Performance.

She chose to join RBA upon graduation because she wanted to gain valuable agency experience while contributing to innovative work for creative brands. She had also heard about the amazing work culture and dog-friendly office! 

We are so excited to have Ana Luisa, Analisa, and Annalise here at RBA… even if it can get confusing around the office sometimes!