Uniquely RBA

A company’s culture is not something that can be bought or organized overnight. It takes time to create the culture you want for your organization; it takes practice to maintain that culture. Here at RBA, we have molded our culture from a few core values that shape how we approach not only our clients, but ourselves and the work we produce everyday. We try our very best to live these core values every day, and we’d like to think that it shows in the work we put forth. We believe that a company is stronger and more efficient when everyone works together as a team, with encouragement and respect for one another.



What Our Culture Means to Us


There are many benefits to being employed at a company with a remarkable company culture. RBA strives to be a workplace where everyone’s voice is heard and opinions are listened to with respect and empathy. Here, you are not “just another number.” When it comes to our day-to-day work, we believe in a “work hard, play hard” ideology. We shatter deadlines and create incredible work, but we like to have some fun and laughs along the way. We host company outings every so often, where we take a day to hang out outside of work as a team while playing laser tag, axe throwing, or bowling—this is a good way to build camaraderie with our co-workers. 


Another thing that makes RBA a unique workplace is our desire to continually learn and teach new skills that apply to the ever-changing fields of advertising and digital media. Many companies have their leadership team determine the culture they want for the office, but we’ve built our culture together as a team rather than from the top—everyone’s voice is heard. Every six months, we release an anonymous survey to the entire office to get genuine feedback from every employee. We then sit down as a company to painstakingly comb through each question to gauge the current state of the company culture at RBA. This helps us understand what aspects of the culture need improvements and which aspects are really hitting home with everyone on the team. 



What Our Culture Means to You


It is easiest to believe a company’s culture only affects those who work at said company because they are the ones who have to work in it daily. However, you might be surprised to find that—for better or for worse—clients feel the effects of a company’s culture just as much as the employees. Here, we don’t see our clients as a paycheck; we actually care about the people and brands who decide to use our services to better their companies by giving them the best we have to offer no matter who the client is. 


One thing that is unique here is our inclusion of clients in the creative process. We like to think of the client as part of our team rather than having an our team and your team mentality. This allows communication that makes certain not only are their needs being met, but that we are getting the information we need to do our job at the highest level of efficiency. We are often told that we are a client’s favorite meeting of the day because they have so much fun jamming with the team. This is supported by the amazing people we’ve hired over the years and the culture they’ve helped create here. 


We take your work seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun along the way! 


The culture at RBA is supported by the employees who work here and the values they uphold everyday. However, our culture was not created overnight. It took years of practice to become what it is today, and it is always changing and adapting with the help of the people we hire and the clients who have wanted to work with us. Whether you’re on our payroll or we’re on yours, you will not be seen as another number and you will be included in our ever-growing team. That’s what makes us uniquely RBA.