what it’s like to intern at rba

In the heat of the summer, our interns kept it cool.

Our team is incredibly grateful and amazed by our interns’ hard work these past couple of months. Their additions to the team were crucial in this world’s state of transition, and we wouldn’t have flourished without them this summer.

With some in-person and others virtual, they stood steadfast to our testament of doing seriously awesome work. As they got sh*t done, their work has not gone unnoticed by our team and our clients. We wish them a bittersweet farewell and are confident of their continued success in the future.

Here are a few words from our amazing interns:

“Time flew by real quick! Despite it being an entirely virtual experience for me, the people in this agency have never failed short of making me feel so welcomed and included in everything that happens. Everyone is so genuine, talented, and supportive, and I am forever grateful for getting the chance to work alongside them. RBA didn’t win Best Places to Work 2021 for no reason!

I have learned so much these past few months, taking on snippets of knowledge from various departments without being limited to one. I gained real hands-on experiences and was given all the resources I needed to succeed. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I will really miss it!” -Nina, Account services

“The best thing about my internship was the inclusivity throughout the agency. I knew that my contributions were valued, my hard work was appreciated, and that my presence was welcomed. RBA treats interns like full-time employees, making the experience so special and rewarding.” -Lauren, Digital

“My favorite part about my internship was being able to be involved in and learn more about the creative process for a variety of different clients in an agency setting. The RBA team has taught me numerous lessons that I will carry with me throughout my professional career as an art director.” -Kyle, Art Director

“RBA has taught me so much. From the processes of an agency, work with clients, to the layers of content planning. But the most important thing they taught me was the importance of being a team player! The camaraderie here was a breath of fresh air and makes me excited to work for more places that value their culture above all else. I never felt like an intern as they showed they valued our contributions and that our work was as integral to the agency as any others. No matter the department, no matter the role, each individual is invited to collaborate and give their insights, making for a well-rounded experience. I’ll truly miss my time here.” -Krisha, Copywriting

“I felt very welcome at RBA. Everyone who works here was encouraging and engaging. As a production intern, I got to work on a variety of cool projects. I got the opportunity to work with real-world clients and make an impact in the creative process. Whether it was shooting an ad for Golden Chick or taking drone footage of the Dallas skyline, at RBA you won’t be stuck doing internal stuff like you would at a larger agency. My time at RBA will be something I will always remember as being the foundation for becoming a creative professional.” -Omar, Production


Make sure to stay tuned for our next round of open internship applications!