centre living homes.

As Centre Living Homes has grown into a bigger player in the Dallas homebuilding market, they needed to refresh their website to look and feel like the company they’ve become. CLH came to RBA to bring “the big idea” to life—to create a build and price system for homebuyers, as well as revamp the site. For years, car companies have allowed customers to ‘build and price’ their dream car online, providing a user with the digital experience of their custom car, before ever setting foot in a dealership. Why couldn’t homebuyers have the same experience?

what we did

  • Strategy
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

in the centre of it all.

RBA’s digital expertise and extensive research into how users interact with other ‘build and price’ systems led us to design and build something extremely functional, as well as beautiful. It is important to us and our clients for them to be able to manage website content on their own, so we also had to create a backend system for the ‘build and price’ that was easy for non-tech folks to use.

Throughout the rest of the website, we utilized stunning photography and friendly typography to showcase the experience of living inside a home built by Centre Living Homes.