dmi holdings.

DMI Holdings (formerly Diversified Metroplex Investors) is an investment firm with laser focus on their clients. Every day, they are structuring complicated investments, managing client funds, sourcing and evaluating opportunities, and making difficult decisions to protect and grow wealth for their clients. As the company grew, they realized that their face to the public was lagging behind the success they had. DMI Holdings chose RBA to rebrand the organization and create a new visual identity, brand messaging, and digital presence.

what we did.

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Design
  • Print Design
  • Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
“They pay attention to every little detail, from top-notch video to email campaigns, ad slicks and even rebranding our company. RBA has been an instrumental part in taking our company to the next level. ”

- Eric Mattingly, Founder/CEO, DMI Holdings

trust and more, one day at a time.

Taking an existing company and rebranding is a delicate operation. You want to keep what works intact, lose what doesn’t, and (sometimes) push the limits of comfort. With DMI Holdings, we have created a brand that feels institutional, classic, and sophisticated. We designed the logo mark and collateral materials to mix elements of both classic and contemporary designs, to arrive at a brand that feels both young and traditional simultaneously.