happiest hour big game watch party.

Happiest Hour lives by the mantra of catering to happiness. Featuring over 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor bliss, this stylish bar quickly became one of Dallas’s most popular destinations, featuring its expansive rooftop patio, creative eats, and impeccable skyline view. Whether you’re looking for a crisp cocktail or just an enjoyable evening with friends, Happiest Hour is your destination.

the story.

Boasting 25+ massive flat screen TVs, mouthwatering team-themed menu specials, and a living room-style VIP experience, Happiest Hour has become the perfect place for sports fans to gather together and cheer on their favorite teams. With Big Game 2019 approaching quickly, Happiest Hour tasked RBA with creating a social media advertising campaign leading up to the event with the goal of selling tickets as well as increasing event and restaurant awareness.

the strategy.

Our main strategy for this campaign was to capture killer content that would showcase the unique game day experience at Happiest Hour. But unique experiences call for extraordinary content. We came up with concepts to show their delicious food in unexpected ways. By producing short, captivating videos and GIFs, we were able entice customers to stop scrolling and take note of the awesome food and party-making beer towers. Or what we like to call ‘thumb-stopping content.’ We then optimized and targeted our creative to make the best use of the client’s budget.

what we did.

  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Commercial Filming
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Web Design

the results.

Increasing ticket sales with original content might have been our primary objective but we went “the whole nine yards”. Using motion and storytelling elements to capture the energy and spirit already present in Happiest Hour, we were able to exceed expectations by not only selling out on tickets but by tripling revenue from the previous year.