nice link home furnishings.

Nice Link Home Furnishings is a fabric and furniture manufacturer focused on incredible customer comfort as well as superior functionality. Their new line of performance fabric, Nice N Clean, is built to do both. Nice Link called upon RBA to create an informative one-sheeter advertisement to both excite and inform customers about this new product line.

what we did.

  • Print Design
  • Copywriting
“We asked RBA to develop an informative advertisement that discussed the factual benefits of our new product and simultaneously excited our customers—they absolutely delivered.”

- Henry Stern, VP of Sales, Nice Link

no mess. just memories.

Every ad needs to be able to emotionally connect with consumers. When looking at furniture, we devised a strategy that looks at furniture as more than just objects you sit on or utilize in your home—they’re a part of your family. Family can sometimes be messy, but family also provides wonderful memories. Nice Link’s new performance fabric line is all about becoming a part of the family, but it’s no mess, and just memories. It’s always there for you, whether it’s a kids sleepover, or Sunday afternoon football with the guys.