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keeping our promise.

Above all else, our goal at RBA is to help good people do great things. We genuinely want to lift our clients to their fullest potential. However, we know this isn’t an instant process. Achieving our goal requires us to get our hands dirty day in and day out to eventually hit the mark our clients come to expect from us.

At the end of the year, we always like to give gifts to our clients to resolidify to them that our process produces the results they hired us for and then some. We wanted to express all the love we have for our clients while also still showing them that we’re masters of our craft.

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scan and sniff.

We decided to create our very own line of cologne/perfume and title it Success. We were going to quite literally, give our clients the ‘smell of success.’ The project was our opportunity to show our clients that the full-service agency they believed in was exceeding expectations in every element of the shop.

It was all hands on deck. Every single person in our building rolled up their sleeves and got down to work for this project. Our creative team produced and filmed a :30 spot, rife with cliches and tropes of fragrance advertising to accompany the product. We printed a QR code on the back of the Success boxes so our clients could easily access the spot and share it. Our full team ahead approach shined more than ever as we all put thank you cards in the form of fragrance cards and hand-filled each of the 140 glass bottles ourselves with a fragrance that we made.

what we did.

  • Strategy
  • Print Design
  • Package Design
  • Scripting
  • Location Scouting
  • Commercial Filming
  • Voice Over
  • Video Editing
  • Copywriting

excited for the future.

In the end, we made an unforgettable memory with all of our clients that made everyone, smile, laugh, and get excited for the holiday season. Most importantly, we kept our promise to always get shit done, and made sure that it would never stink, either 😉