vent-a-hood social media.

Over the last 84 years, Vent-A-Hood has successfully established itself as as the first name in kitchen ventilation. From fully custom hoods to standardized liners, Vent-A-Hood is a company focused on delivering best-in-class products through a standard 3 level producer to distributor to retailer model. Ranging from under cabinet to wall mount, island to liner inserts, Vent-A-Hood’s products are superior to all competitors.

the story.

Vent-A-Hood presented RBA with a challenge: the brand had become a generic trademark where the term name “Vent-A-Hood” was commonly used to describe any over-the-range kitchen ventilation system. They were seeking an avenue to connect directly with their customer base, regain their brand awareness, and sell more hoods.

Social media is the perfect place to directly interact with your customers, even if their primary interaction in the physical world with your product is in a retail space. Our goals initially were to educate consumers about why Vent-A-Hood truly is a best-in-class product while also providing them with design inspiration for the kitchen of their dreams.

the strategy.

As a 85 year old company, Vent-A-Hood presented RBA with a unique problem— an aging demographic in a technology-driven world. Through extensive market research, RBA found the decision makers of Vent-A-Hood purchases were actually much younger than expected. From targeting moms on Pinterest to designers through influencer marketing, RBA overhauled the Vent-A-Hood social media strategy from simple organic social media to a robust, holistic digital approach. This strategy was uniquely community-driven, based around a solid social community engagement strategy which utilized a mix of user-generated-content, influencer programs, audience building, and more.

what we did.

  • Name Development
  • Brand Design
  • Strategy
  • Photography
  • Web Design
“RBA has done some wonderful work which has really made us proud.”

- Bill Woodall, Regional Sales Director, Vent-A-Hood

the results.

After implementing a complete overhaul of their content strategy, we were able to grow average engagement by 500%, reaching over 3 million users worldwide. Vent-A-Hood customers from all over the country started posting and sharing their own content, contributing to the overall growth of the brand. We transformed a crowded and bland Instagram feed into a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing piece of art that serves as an inspiration to home owners everywhere. With over 2,500 user-generated posts and 2.5 million website hits, we can say with confidence that this case study is indeed a success story.