vent-a-hood at kbis.

If the kitchen and bath industry had a Super Bowl, it would be KBIS. Pronounced “K-BIZ”, KBIS is the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, put on by the National Kitchen and Bath Association. It is an inspiring, interactive platform that showcases the latest industry products, trends, and technologies.

The Vent-A-Hood brand is synonymous with luxury and quality, and it has been since the company was founded in 1933 as the first patent on residential kitchen ventilation. The “Rolls Royce” of the ventilation game, Vent-A-Hood wanted to make a statement at the 2018 KBIS show.

what we did.

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  • Print Design
  • Strategy
“KBIS is an extremely important week for our business, and RBA and The Trade Group helped make 2018 our best year yet.”

- Bill Woodall, Regional Sales Director, Vent-A-Hood

the leader in kitchen ventilation for 85 years

As Vent-A-Hood’s agency of record (AOR), they came to RBA with an idea, and we partnered with The Trade Group to make it come true. The idea literally started as a scratched-out quick drawing on a napkin, and it was eventually turned into a 1500 square foot house with a backyard and 32 different hoods in it. Vent-A-Hood was able to experientially showcase all four of their hood models — Magic Lung, Power Lung, ARS (Air Recovery System), and M Line. And, they were also able to showcase the beautiful, custom-designed hoods they’ve become known for – including the “Tiffany’s” model, powder-coated in Tiffany’s Blue, with chrome trim. Over the 3 day show, almost 10,000 people came through the booth, generating almost 4,000 sales leads.