3 Skills Every Aspiring Video Editor Needs to Master

Since man was able to put picture to celluloid, editing has been a key element to making some of the best films, videos and vlogs known to man. (You guys seen Batdad’s videos? Gold. Just fantastic… though I may be biased.) A film or corporate video is only as good as its editing, so I’m sharing 3 skills that every aspiring video editor needs to master before venturing out into the professional world.


1. Bin Structure.

Bins are typically where your footage and other assets go in most of your typical NLEs (Non-linear editor). You should never, I repeat, NEVER, just plop your bare assets into the project. Everything from footage to music should have it’s own dedicated bin. Think of it this way— if another editor were to come into your project, your structure should be so organized that they would be able to find everything without trying too hard. I’ve seen some pretty nasty organization in my freelance days, and trust me, it isn’t pretty. 


2. Patience.

When you’re an editor, you’ll have to deal with a lot of moving parts, and those parts can only go as fast as your dedicated editing PC/Mac. If you’re a seasoned editor, you probably are already a master of patience, but if you’re just starting out, you need to learn ASAP.

This doesn’t just mean Patience for your NLE, but also for your clients as well.  Let’s be real— we’re human, we get flustered. And when you’re on draft 6 of what should’ve been 3 drafts because your client has a certain color for a lower third in mind but doesn’t know what a hex is, you’re bound to get a little irked. This is where your patience will be tested.


3. Quality Assurance.

Most editors are working fast and for hours on end, so it’s easy to miss some things. Having a fresh set of eyes can help you find mistakes you never noticed and save you from exporting for an hour only to discover your mistake afterwards. Quality is KEY for great content. 


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